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Dogliani, a significant town in the Langhe on the River Rea situated between the hills of Barolo wine and the Tanaro valley, can be regarded as one of several doorways leading to the Upper Langhe (Alta Langa). The town itself is famous for its truffles, cheese, and its home-grown Dolcetto wine which has now been awarded DOC status. A town fair is held in September and is dedicated to its fine wine.

Dogliani can be divided into two parts Borgo (the lower section of the town characterised by its narrow street) and Castello (a collection of pathways including a fine tower with far reaching views over the valley.

The town is of substantial size and therefore has excellent facilities including shops, restaurants, banks and bars The population is approximately 4700 and the town is situated 333 metres above sea level.

Distances to:

Savona ( Ligurian Coast) 79km - 59mins

Genova 130km - 90mins

Milano 178km - 86mins

Torino 97km - 65mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa) 42km - 44mins

Alba 29km - 32mins

Asti 56Km - 54mins

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