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Cossano Belbo is situated in the heart of the Langhe region of Piemonte where its landscape is dominated by rolling hills and vineyards. The town is noted for its long tradition in vine growing and its most famous wines include:Dolcetto d' Alba,Moscato d'Asti and Furmentin, the latter is in fact a local word used to describe a nice dry wine originating from a grape variety which is only found in Cossano Belbo and Rocchetta Belbo.

Points of architectural interest include the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rovere which houses a wooden statue of the Madonna. The town's Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista built in 1939 includes three frescoes by Ricchetti and a 17th century painting representing the Crucifixion. There are several beautiful chapels located in the surrounding hilltops.

Cossano Belbo has a population of approximately 1100 and is situated 244 metres above sea level.

Distances to:

Savona ( Ligurian Coast) 78km - 77mins

Genova 104km - 94mins

Milano 152km - 108mins

Torino 93km - 80mins

Ski Resort (Frabosa) 82km - 91mins

Alba 25km - 28mins

Asti 36Km - 40mins

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